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How to finish styling a room with a piece of portable art

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

Jane Austen, Emma

Imagine entering your bright new home with its just completed renovations. You look around to admire the space. You love the colours and the new furniture.

But is something missing? Something to make the room pop?

Or perhaps you have an established home with pieces picked up over the years. Everything fits in perfectly. But is the room looking a tad tired?

A piece of individually designed porcelain adds spark to a room

The porcelain capital of China is a city called Jingdezhen which has an unbroken tradition of production extending more than 1000 years. Generations of artisans have explored new forms and colors instilling stunning beauty to their craft.  A well-crafted genuine Jingdezhen porcelain greets you with pleasing form, refined artwork and translucent lustre.

Play with shapes and dress them creatively

Tall rectangular and cylindrical vases make striking features emphasizing vertical spaces; smaller cube and round vases contrast and highlight horizontal surfaces.

cube vaseWhichever form you choose - play with it. Fill a vase with seasonal flowers or select colours to express your mood. How about an ikebana arrangement with stems and cuttings from your own garden?

Large bowls are great for fruit. Mix it with vegetables for a still life scene or float flowers in it for the weekend lunch party.

Cheese plates have an obvious role at dinner. Hand made and painted, they are also gorgeous as stand alone decoration. So don’t put it away, leave it on the table to be admired at other times.

Move it around

Their simple versatility makes porcelain portable art so put them in different rooms.  Remember the vase you bought especially for the hall and looks great with the dried grass arrangement? Give it a new lease of life in the lounge with fresh pink roses. Or place it in your bedroom without flowers.

You will be surprised how the change of colour and shape can make each room look and feel fresh again. These elements of inspiration could stimulate other creative interior design ideas.

Consider growing a collection of pieces from one artist and create a ceramic theme within your home.

Create a unique decor without breaking the bank

egg-shaped vaseEach piece of hand painted porcelain is unique. A piece of art. But hand painted porcelain doesn’t have to be expensive. These beautiful objects are affordable, starting from $150. What’s more they last a lifetime. In fact they’ll last many lifetimes.

Weilian goes to Jingdezhen frequently and works with a number of porcelain artists acquiring pieces exclusive for Humble House. Included in our gallery are vases, bowls, plates and other decorative items. Drop in to find a piece for your home and chat to learn more about these fascinating objects.