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Caring for your furniture

Chinese furniture from Humble House can be easily maintained.

Chinese girl lampFor daily or weekly dusting we recommend using a soft, dry cloth only.

When the furniture is looking dull, it can be waxed.  In most cases this will be once or twice a year.  You can use any high quality furniture wax, beeswax or blends of carnauba wax are most popular.  Beeswax is usually a bit softer and easier to apply while carnauba based waxes give a slightly stronger and brighter finish.  Pure carnauba waxes give a strong finish but can be difficult to apply and buff.

When applying the wax use only a small amount, just a very thin film so the surface looks cloudy.  Too much is not only wasteful but can get caught in the grooves of the timber and collect dust.  Let the wax dry for about 20 minutes and then buff with a large soft cloth.

Protection from hot and cold drinks

Your furniture has been finished with wax. We recommend placing coasters or mats under drinks and plates to protect the surface from extreme heat and cold.  Spills should be wiped up immediately.

Placing furniture

A genuine antique enhances the appeal of the room and can usually be placed in any position that shows it to its best effect.  Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading.  Often this can be mitigated against by closing curtains or blinds at certain times of the day.

Many houses have central heating with ducts in the floor.  Avoid placing the furniture directly over a duct as the constant flow of warm air may lead to excessive dryness and contraction.  Putting an airflow diverter on the duct can assist to redirect the air off the furniture.

Note that these considerations apply to all furniture not just your antiques.

Moving furniture

caring2When moving the furniture always lift and carry it.  Do not push or drag the furniture, especially tables with long legs, as it places excessive stress on the joints and may cause them to break.

The weight of a piece can be reduced by removing drawers and doors prior to moving it.  If there are multiple drawers consider numbering them so you will know which one goes where.

Taking down doors with dowel pegs needs to done carefully.  First open the door and then carefully slide the bottom dowel in the direction of the groove on the bottom rail.  As it slides the top will come free.  When putting the door back hold it in the open position.  Place the top dowel in the hole on the top rail of the cabinet.  Next gently slide the bottom dowel along the bottom groove until it fits into place on the bottom rail.  Never use force to remove or fit the door.