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Watercolour on rice paper by Li Xinsheng

Raise the red lanternsOur current exhibition features the work of Li Xinsheng. Born and raised in northern China, Li shares his love of his homeland through his paintings of unique scenes of white snowy villages and black fertile soil.

Li focuses on the stunning natural beauty of northern landscapes and the lifestyle in the region. He portrays vivid scenes of the northern winter: warm lights inside snow-covered houses with high-raised red lanterns; the sheep strolling in the snow under the sun. Other scenes present massive bold colours of the blossoms of the spring trees and the fiery gold of autumn leaves.

Li combines classic brush painting techniques with his own methods of execution creating a unique painting style. In his paintings we can see he uses light and dark ink wash to create contrast. He is well known for his use of ink to portray objects and figures while letting the natural white of the paper depict the snow.




House between clouds and water