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Below are the categories in our online showroom. Click on the image or title to see the individual pieces available in that category.
stools from our showroom


Because of their generous size, stools make excellent lounge room side tables and bedside tables. Pull two together for an instant coffee table. Made to be used as a seat, stools are very handy to have when entertaining a large number of guests.


chairs in our showroom


Chairs are status symbols displaying the prestige of the owner. The designs evolved over centuries making chairs an icon of Chinese culture.

In our modern homes chairs are an adaptable piece for alternative seating. They also make a stunning interior display to add life and style to a room.

cabinets and chests from our showroom


In a Chinese carpenter's mind, cabinets are miniature houses that must have a sense of balanced proportions and made to last for generations. The flourishing of designs and styles over the centuries abide by this belief.

In our modern homes cabinets provides an artistic focus as well as their obvious practical use. Cabinets have a combination of drawers and shelves for storage convenience and versatility.


tables in our showroom


Tables are the centre of attention in the room. Their variety reflects a rich daily life as well as artistic and spiritual needs of the time.

Their diversity and convenience keeps them  popular today. A table can be placed in an entry, a lounge area or a bedroom and used to suit a purpose. Move it around the house to refresh the look of a room.

jewelry boxes in our showroom

small items

Unique gifts sure to pique interest.

Jewelry boxes were wedding dowries for storage of valuable items.  They were finely crafted, often with decorative and auspicious carvings.  The boxes were designed to be both secure and easily portable, therefore elaborate engraved brass fittings are common features in their design.

Baskets and other pieces were used to carry fruit, vegetables grain and water as needed. They were also often decorated with auspicious motifs.


bed panels in our showroom

bed panels

These panels are from wedding canopy beds, the most prestigious piece of furniture in the house. While complete beds are now very rare, the carved panels are highly collectable as works of art.

The bed panels not only represent China’s best woodcarving and lacquer tradition but tell us the legends, myths and beliefs of history.

The panels are mounted in a timber frame that is then covered in linen.
Rectangular plant stands with cloud motif


Tea stands were placed beside chairs and used for serving tea and complementary treats. Plant stands were decorative pieces showing off a pot of fresh flowers or a piece of porcelain.

Their strong lines make them ideal to display your favourite vase or sculpture. They are also appealing as a tall variation to the bedside table. You can make an interesting hall table by placing a piece of glass across them.



A thoughtful gift or an elegant addition to your own home, an original hand painted porcelain vase is an attractive, functional piece of art that will instantly add colour and style to any room.

Exclusive to Humble House is this limited range of handmade and painted pieces by master porcelain artist, Mr Huang Wentao.

table lamps

table lamps

Each lamp is a unique creation that will add light and colour to any room.

The lamp vessels are handpicked artistic porcelain or bronze and the linen lamp shades are customised to match the colour and style of the vessels. The handmade wooden bases are also made to match. Numbers of each lamp style are limited.

The items shown here are a small sample of the full range in our showroom in Fyshwick, please visit or enquire about other items.

Each piece of furniture in our showroom was crafted by a past master with an intimate knowledge of the material he worked with and skills perfected over time. These pieces were individually designed and were meant to last for generations. Our conservation work continues this lasting carpentry legacy. We reveal this traditional craft at its very essence: the integral wholeness of the item, its original joinery structure (more information) and exterior finish to the extent that the original work has survived (more information).

The contemporary furnishings have been carefully selected to complement all styles and decors.