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Cabinets old

  • Two section linen cabinet Low cabinet with peony carving

  • Linen cabinet with long life medallions Low cabinet with flush brass fittings small

  • Linen chest with scholar and flower motifs slider Red and black lacquered scholar's chest(s)

In a Chinese carpenter's mind, cabinets are miniature houses that must have a sense of balanced proportions and last for generation after generation. The flourishing of designs and styles over the centuries abide by this belief. Some designs are striking with their unadorned elegance highlighting their line and timber grain, whilst others use rich colours symbolising good wishes and fine paintings and carving, telling stories from popular folklore.

In our modern homes the appeal of cabinets is that their presence provides an artistic focus as well as their obvious practical use. Cabinets have a combination of drawers and shelves for storage convenience and versatility.