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Display cabinet

19th century

Chinese display cabinet

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Open display cabinets were often seen in the scholar’s studio holding favourite pieces from their personal collection, perhaps a jade carving or antique porcelain. The items would change regularly to the delight of friends.

This tall narrow cabinet will fill the corner of the room that has always needed “something” or add character to the guest bedroom. It has an open carved apron of plum blossoms and the base has relief carving of a peach flower. The plum red lacquer adds a deep soft lustre enticing you to caress the cabinet.

Origin: Shandong province

  • elm wood
  • 620mm wide x 535mm deep x 1830mm high
  • $3500



There is a nominal charge of $85 for careful transport to the metropolitan capital cities in Australia except Darwin. If you live outside these areas please contact us so appropriate shipping arrangements can be made.

More detail

The plum blossom is a favourite Chinese flower. Each petal represents one of the Five Blessings of happiness, good health, love of virtue, long life and a peaceful passing. The peach blossom is a symbol of long life.

Lacquer was invented in China over 7000 years ago. It comes from the sap of a certain species of tree. The fresh sap is a greyish-white colour. Traditionally the lacquer is formed by filtering, stirring and airing the sap in a warm and humid environment. When the sap is purified and turns a reddish-brown colour the lacquer is ready to use.