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Four door kitchen cabinet

Early 20th century

chinese cabinets

Kitchen cabinet side.jpg Kitchen cabinet front open.jpg Kitchen cabinet front detail.jpg

Kitchen cabinets were an important part of the traditional Chinese home. Succulent, fragrant dishes prepared by the family cook would be placed in the cabinet ahead of being served. Anything left over could be returned to the cabinet.

A feature of this type of cabinet is open carving on the doors. This cabinet displays open lattice in the form of a long life motif with a calligraphy medallion. Steam from freshly cooked dishes can escape through the lattice. A sliding panel behind the door can be raised covering the lattice and keeping insects away.  A second feature  is freely sliding lattice panels on the lower section used for stacking freshly washed cookware.

This cabinet would be a feature piece, its strong lines complementing modern furniture. It is ideal for crockery, cutlery and glassware. The lower section has two levels of lattice shelving, perfect for a wine rack.

Origin: Zhejiang province

  • spruce
  • 1120mm wide x 520mm deep x 1850mm high
  • $6200



There is a nominal charge of $85 for careful transport to the metropolitan capital cities in Australia except Darwin. If you live outside these areas please contact us so appropriate shipping arrangements can be made.

More detail

The upper doors have fine bevelled lattice forming the character “wan”. The character is strongly associated with Buddhism and symbolises long life, good fortune and virtue. The character medallions are flowers for each of the four seasons: plum blossom (winter); orchid (spring); bamboo (summer); and chrysanthemum (autumn). The door supports have carving of a sceptre motif called a ruyi and is a symbol of good wishes.

Both the frame and the side panels have light moulding enhancing the lines of the cabinet. Each piece of the sliding lattice doors is individually hand made and mortised into its adjacent piece. The shelves can be removed to store larger items.