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High back Ming style armchairs

19th century


antique chinese chairsantique chairschinese chairs

Origin: Shanxi province

  • elm wood
  • 580mm wide x 450mm deep x 1210mm high


These chairs are the epitome in design and workmanship of the classic Chinese chair. Tall and elegant they were first created during the Ming dynasty (1368CE – 1644 CE) when the focus was to highlight the lines and proportions, as well as the structural and ingenuity of the furniture. These chairs were not for everyday use. They were the seats for the family heads during formal occasions.

Both front and back legs are a single piece of timber extending through the seat to the tops of the armrests and headrest. A high back supports the spine and provides a headrest for a moment’s repose. The middle of the armrests are widened for support and comfort. The slight taper of the chair creates a grand, elegant impression and structural stability.

In a modern home these are the chairs that turn the head and draw the eye. They are perfect to add character to a minimalist style home or to provide contrast and balance to a room with a large artwork. The large seat and S-curve back make them comfortable to enjoy a conversation with friends or quiet personal reflection.