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  • Rectangular plant stands with cloud motif Rectangular plant stands with humpback stretchers Square tea stand with water stopping bead

  • Tea stands with drawer

Stands were crafted for serving specific purposes, often associated with important social needs in the household.

The most common types are tea stands and plant stands.

Tea stands were one of the more formal pieces of furniture as they were generally used in the reception hall of the home. These stands were placed beside the chairs and used for serving tea and complementary treats. Tea stands often have storage compartments, such as drawers and shelves. As the chairs were mostly arranged in pairs, so too are the tea stands.

Plant stands were decorative pieces keeping in with the style of artistic interior settings. They were often seen in scholar’s homes, placed in areas of significance in the house to display bonsai plants, floral arrangements and other items of beauty.

Plant stands are generally taller and slimmer with a focus on proportion and aesthetic appeal.