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Stools were widely adopted in the house for their practicality, being primarily used as a portable seat both inside and outdoors. Another common use was as a step to reach a higher point. So the structure and joinery of the stool is designed to be weight bearing. All stools have a through transverse brace fitted under the seat using a mortise and tenon joint.

The traditional ease of use is just as relevant today. Because of their generous size, stools make excellent lounge room side tables and bedside tables. Pull two together for an instant coffee table. Being portable is an additional benefit when entertaining a large number of guests.

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TW5 009(s)

Square stools with bottom stretchers


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TW6 040(s)

Plum red lacquered stools


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TW6 039(s)

Square stools with humpback stretchers


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TW6 038(s)

Rectangular stools with bottom stretchers


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TW2 037(s)

Low square stools with vertical supports


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TW4 011(s)

Low square stools with cabriole legs


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Stools and sofa 1509