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Scholar's desk

Late 19th century


Scholar's desk

Scholar's desk side

Origin: Zhejiang province

  • Jumu (southern Chinese hardwood)
  • 1125mm wide x 565mm deep x 800mm high


In traditional China scholars were placed very high in the social structure. Years were spent in long, arduous study of literature and the arts in the hope of passing the imperial examinations and receive an official position in the bureaucracy which would bring fame and fortune to both the individual and his family.

The furniture associated with a scholar's life is crafted in a style to reflect the refined elegance of the gentry. This scholar's writing desk is well proportioned and has simple and clear structural presence. There is fine moulding throughout the main framework, which enhances its linear beauty.

There are removable footrest panels on the base. They are designed to keep the feet off the cold floor in the winter months. The panels have a "cracked ice" lattice pattern. Cracked ice is a favourite motif of scholars as it reflects a pure and delicate nature.

Jumu is a southern Chinese hardwood. It has lustrous texture with a hint of an orange tone.